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Modern autumn hygge set in living room. Dark green interior elements, soft pillows, plaid


Established in 2003

Wedding & Events Planner, Consultant & Designer 

A graduate from Keisen University, Tokyo Japan, Maho has lived in the Canadian Rockies for past 28 yrs.

A wife and mother to two grown up boys.

Maho is known for her professional and friendly approach to creating weddings and events. Making dreams come true for more than 17 yrs.

I always had a strong passion for special events and true desire to work with people.

My professional experience began with working for tour and hotel industries for many years.

In wanting to take my talents to a higher level, I combined this hard earned knowledge and passion with my own personal style. It gives me the opportunity to use my own creativity.

The most rewarding part of being a event planner is having the opportunity and pleasure to work very closely with my clients, bride and groom and their families during such a happy time. Working so closely with such diverse personalities, cultures and families over the years has been priceless. 

I love people. I love making them happy. I love working hard to dreams of their perfect day. I love designing unique and beautiful wedding that reflect my couple's own personal style.

It makes my job very rewarding and puts a smile on my face.   

My heart goes into each and everyone. I develop close relationships with my bride and groom giving them a sense of comfort, trust and confidence in us. Being good listener and having this connection allows my couple to express their needs & opinions openly and honestly. and makes the planning experience an enjoyable.

当社ではバンフ・キャンモア・レイクルイーズ地区を中心に大自然を舞台にする野外ウエディングに力をいれ、現地でのあらゆるウエディングサービスをご提供しております。"Only One Story"をテーマにプロフェッショナルなサービスを原則とし一般的な教会挙式とは一味違う大自然の中でのアウトドア挙式が自慢です。





当社は現地にオフィスを構え全て現地にて各手配を行っております。ヘアメイク・お花・フォトグラファー・送迎などのサービスはローカルの方たちにも指示されるベンダーを厳選しその各サービスを組み合わせる事によりよりよい1日が可能となります。直手配によるリーズナブルな料金設定と豊富なオプショ ナルサービス、そしてお得なパッケージもご提供しております。



With love, Maho

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